Pylon And Pole Signs

Custom Pylon Signs Denver Colorado

Pylon and Pole Signs

Signdealz has been building Pylon and Pole Signs for some of the largest companies in the United States for years.

This tall and effective electric sign configuration works great for a business on a busy highway that wants to be seen from long distances.

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Unique Pylon Signs

Advantages of a Quality Pylon Sign from Signdealz:

  • Heights up to 100′
  • Extensive electric sign cabinet configurations
  • LED Message Center Capabilities
  • Maintenance Programs Available

Considerations before Purchasing a Pylon Sign:

  • Expense – These signs are expensive. The cost of a pylon sign starts around $8,000 and can go up to over $200,000.
  • Construction – Pylon signs require a large concrete foundation and often remote electrical connections. Solor Options are now available to illuminate remote pylon signs.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining a pylon can be expensive. Maintenance programs from Signdealz help keep your sign bright for years.

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Outdoor Digital LED Signs

Energy Efficient Pylon Sign Cabinets from Signdealz

Digital LED Pylon Signs from offer superior visibility with the height of a steel pylon and the crisp, bright colors of LED illumination with an LED illuminated cabinet sign.

  • LEDs are more energy-efficient than other illumination methods, and because they lack an internal filament (like light bulbs), they have a longer lifespan. LEDs can last more than 50,000 hours
  • LED Illumination allows a business owner to display a crisp, bright message – night after night – without losing sleep over the energy bill. Mounted on a tall steel pylon, your energy-efficient message will be visible from blocks away.
  • We use Watchfire LED Signs for our digital pylon solution. The finest LED display in the world.

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Custom Flex Face Pylon Signs

Why Choose an LED Pylon Sign?

  • LEDs consume less energy – meaning lower electric bills and decreased carbon footprint.
  • Pylon Signs are highly-visible, allowing your business to be identified from long distances.
  • Pylon Signs can be fabricated to fit existing structures – each one is custom and unique!
  • High-Grade LEDs ensure a long, vibrant life with fewer service calls.

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