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High-Resolution LED Signs

Make an impact with High-Resolution LED Signs

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High Resolution LED Signs

Signdealz offers high-resolution displays in the 6MM, 8MM, and 10MM  resolutions. These signs are designed for high traffic pedestrian areas where maximum visibility is required. The tight pixel pitch on these signs will allow you to display very high-resolution images with amazing quality where you might not have enough room to place a larger sign. Movie poster-sized signs will have enough clarity to display very small text vs lower resolution displays.

10MM High Resolution Signs
High resolution led displays

8MM High Resolution LED Sign

Signdealz high-resolution displays are the perfect technology for those organizations looking for a flawless picture where customers will be up close. These high-brightness displays can produce the highest level of clarity compared to the competition. 

The tight pixel pitch from our high-resolution products will enable you to produce amazing advertisements with the context you need with great messaging. 

What types of applications work best for High-Resolution displays?

  • Interior Video Walls
  • Sports Venues
  • Shopping Malls
  • Convenience Stores
  • Theater Marquee
  • Airports
  • Banks
10MM high resolution led display sign

10MM High Resolution Signs

10 MM high resolution signs

Signdealz 10MM high-resolution product is one of our best sellers. Using SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology, we are able to pack more LED's into a small space. This compact design provides more LED's and results in enhanced image quality over older "Through Hole"LED technology.  


High Resolution Signs

Why are High-Resolution signs more expensive than standard resolution signs?

High-resolution signs use a more modern technology called SMD (Surface Mounted Device). The SMD modules are more expensive to produce than LEDs (Light Emitting Diode).  Here are some other cost factors that drive up cost:

  • More SMD modules per square inch
  • More power supplies are required to power more modules
  • The onboard computer used to control the sign needs to use more processing power to control all the individual LED's and these systems are more expensive.

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