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Illuminated Sign Cabinets

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Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Electric sign cabinets from Signdealz are made out of extruded aluminum, high quality electric components from France, and are UL listed. Signdealz has numerous options for protecting your sign cabinet from the elements to include high quality painting and powder-coating. We have the capability to do both vacuum formed faces for added strength and acrylic and plastic push through elements to give it a pop! We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on the construction of our cabinets, that way you sleep at night knowing your sign is working while you are not.

Custom Sign Cabinets - Laszlo Hotel
Standard Sign Cabinet or Box Sign

Single Sided Sign Cabinets

When you need a low-cost solution to your signage needs, single-sided sign cabinets are the best option. Fabricated from extruded aluminum and featuring top-notch UL-listed components, our sign cabinets are built to withstand time. With UV-resistant coatings and interior weatherproofing, your cabinet sign will not only stand up to time but the elements as well. Cabinet signs can be installed or mounted in a variety of ways, and illuminated using a variety of methods. You can also order your sign cabinet without graphics on the face.

Illumination Options

  • White LED's (Various Manufacturers)
  • Bulb and Ballast (Not Preferred)
  • Solar Powered 
  • No Illumination

Decorated Face Options

  • Acrylic Face with High-Performance Digital Printed Vinyl
  • Polycarbonate Faces with High-Performance Vinyl Graphics
  • Metal Faces

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Sign Cabinet with Routed Copy

Sign Cabinet with Routed Push-Through Copy

Routed Push-Through Sign Cabinets are often required by landlords or design review organizations when they do not allow standard sign cabinets with an acrylic face. Standard sign cabinets, even though they are often useful and cost-effective, are not very attractive. 

The Face 

Routed Push-Through sign cabinets start with an aluminum face, often fabricated from .090 or .125 thick aluminum. The signs copy is routed out of the aluminum, leaving a negative space. The signs copy is routed out of a sheet of translucent Acrylic. The profile is a slightly smaller size than the routed letter hole from the aluminum sheet. This process will allow the letter to be "pushed through" the face.

Letters are mechanically joined into one piece by gluing a significant portion of clear or white Acrylic from the back and bolted into place using aluminum studs. Mechanically fastening the centers of letters is extremely important! If you have ever seen a center of letter missing in a sign face, the fabricator failed to attach it to the face physically.


Common Letter Material Options

  • Clear Acrylic Letters and Logo with a colored vinyl overlay
  • White Acrylic
  • Clear Acrylic with second surface vinyl applied under the acrylic letter
  • 3M diffusers inside the acrylic copy.

Lighting Options

  • Standard Color LED's
  • RGB LED's
  • Neon
  • Bulb and Ballast


commercial sign light box

Double Sided Sign Cabinets

Double Sided Sign Cabinets from are a popular, cost-effective form of advertising. The simple design is easy to fabricate and install, and requires very little service as time goes on. Each sign cabinet is fabricated from quality extruded aluminum, and features only the best UL-listed electrical components. UV-resistant coatings and interior weather proofing ensure your sign will stand-up against the elements. All of this adds up to a great product, at a great price!

Wide Fab Frame Sign Cabinets

Wide Fab Frame Sign Cabinets

What is a Wide Fab Sign Cabinet? A Wide Fab cabinet is an oversized cabinet, usually 24" wide or wider, with the intent to accommodate an oversized pole for huge sign cabinets where shadows might be an issue. 


You will find Wide Fab Sign cabinets for pole and pylon signs that are over 25 feet in height and more massive than 100 total square feet. 

Most wide fab cabinets are fabricated from large extrustion sections and are built into pieces for shipment all over the country. 


Wide Fab Signs are built to accommodate fabric flex faces. The cabinets are built with a retaining system like a drum, that allows the sign face to be inserted and tightened into the final position. The installation of a flex sign face requires an expert sign installer with significant experience. Graphics on the sign face come in either painted graphics or digitally printed graphics being more common. The graphics on the faces are often printed on both sides of the face, making opaque areas of the sign darker.


Wide Fab Sign Cabinets are significantly more expensive than a typical sign cabinet. Primarily due to the increase in surface area and the complexity of engineering required to accommodate the increased strength required for signs at higher elevations and larger face area.

Hinged Frame Sign Cabinets

Hinged Framed Sign Cabinets

Hinged Framed Cabinets from offers a platform to advertise your message beneath a protected, clear hinged-face. Hinged Cabinet signs can be built to accommodate anything from posters to marquee message boards, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Signdealz even offers the security of a lock-and-key face, so you can rest assured knowing that your message will be safe from vandalism.

Hinged Sign Cabinets from are constructed from quality, weather-proof aluminum, and feature high-grade electrical components that are built to last. When you purchase a sign from, you can trust that you’re getting a quality product at the best price. 

Custom Shaped Sign Cabinets

Custom Shaped Sign Cabinets

When a standard shape does not work for your advertising application, then selecting a fully custom sign cabinet is your only choice. These types of sign cabinets are hand made by only experienced fabricators. We understand when you go outside the standard square or rectangle, there are numerous factors requiring consideration. 

Custom shapes have a significant impact on the cost of your project. Curves and sharp angles require vital metalwork, which can drive up the labor to produce your sign. You will need the most experienced fabricator to tackle your unique design requirements and find ways for you to save time and money. Signdealz has those resources and the expertise to design and fabricate the most complicated designs.


Sign Face Material Options

  • Aluminum Faces with Push-Through Acrylic Graphics
  • Acrylic Face with High-Performance Vinyl
  • Flex Face with Painted Graphics or Digital Printed Graphics

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Illuminated Sign Installation

Sign Cabinet Installation

You can trust Signdealz with your installation, no matter how simple or complex the environment. We have installed signs in complex Department of Defense installations to your local shopping center. 

Sign installation Scheduling

Before the completion of the fabrication of your sign cabinet, a member of our project management team will reach out to you with your installation date. Installation times can range from usually a minimum of 3 hours to multiple days, depending on the scope of the installation.

Sign Security With Locks

Some sign cabinets installations will be exposed to high traffic areas and exposed to the potential for vandalism. We recommend you evaluate whether your sign may need a locking mechanism. If so, we will make sure your sign is manufactured with a locking mechanism. 

illuminated sign boxes

LED Illuminated Sign Cabinets for Your Business

SignDealz provides the design and engineering expertise to provide the right sign cabinet for your needs and to maximize exposure. You can choose a single faced or double-sided sign, with either a flat face or a raised (pan) face. We also offer extra options such as the popular changeable copy signs, multi-tenant styles and more.

Exterior Sign Cabinets are available in different formats-Wall Signs, Monument Signs and Pole (often called Pylon) Signs. SignDealz has years of experience in designing and installing a wide variety of Outdoor Lighted Sign Cabinets.

Our LED illuminated sign cabinets benefits include

  • Effective primary site identification and wayfinding during both daytime and nightime hours.
  • Flexible and customizable solutions designed to your specific needs, from full sized illuminated cabinets to slim post and panel systems.
  • Fewer service calls and more reliable illumination
  • LEDs operate well in the cold with low voltage which can reduce any fire and safety hazards
  • LEDs are recycleable and do not contain mercury like fluorescent bulbs so you do not have to worry about disposal issues.
  • Equipped with a 4-year warranty on the diodes and 5-year guarantee on the power source on LEDs
  • Conserve energy and earn up to a 30% energy savings

Choose SignDealz as your sign maker

SignDealz offers a wide variety of top quality outdoor lighted sign cabinets that can be delivered and installed anywhere in the USA at a competitive price.

Contact one of our highly qualified SignDealz brokers for a free consultation and quote today. Together we can design the right Exterior Sign Cabinets for your business.

extruded sign cabinets


Cabinet signs can be mounted to the wall or entrance of your business, clearly conveying your message – both night and day! cabinet signs can feature custom elements like projected lighting and wrap-around design concepts. The possibilities are endless! Cabinet signs from can feature 3D formed faces and other dimensional elements, creating a unique look that catches attention!

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