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Car Wash LED Signs

We help you turn commuters into customers

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Effective and Exciting Car Wash Signs

The modern Car Wash has evolved beyond the do-it-yourself bay with a dirty spray gun and tire brush. Car Washes are modern computer-controlled systems that take the effort out of washing your car.

Signdealz creates helps Car Wash customers by developing signing systems that direct customers efficiently, provide advertising opportunities, and gets the Car Wash noticed. 


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Car Wash LED Signs and Monuments
Car Wash Monument Signs

Car Wash LED Monument Signs and Pylons

LED Monuments and Pylon signs from Signdealz are designed to turn commuters into customers. We will work with designers, architects, and Car Wash service companies to coordinate design efforts to make sure the monument sign will meet your municipal codes and blend with the overall Car Wash design. We offer Watchfire Digital Displays for our monument signs. They come with a 5 Year Parts Warranty and 5 Year Labor Warranty.

Why Should I Go Digital for My Monument Sign?

When you own a car wash, the best way to get your return on investment (ROI) is to get as many cars in your car wash as possible. You need to increase total traffic into your wash. Digital signs allow you to effectively advertise to any type of audience and demographic you want to go after. You can inform your customers with specials and membership offers that will help you build your recurring monthly revenue. 

Car Wash Lane Identifiers

Car Wash Lane Identifiers

If you need to dynamically change your wash payment lanes as conditions change, digital lane identifiers from Signdealz work easily.  These displays come in 1'H X 4'L and 5'L configurations using Watchfire Signs LED Sign technology combined with Ignite content management so you can manage all your digital sign products in one software package.

Options include:

  • 6MM HD Resolution - SMD
  • 8MM HD Resolution - SMD
  • 10MM HD Resolution - SMD
  • 16MM SD Resolution - LED

Connection Options include fiber, wifi, and cellular connection methods

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