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From the largest Universities to the smallest schools, Signdealz has been providing electrical and monument signs for years. Most institutions of higher learning need signs that last for decades and need peace of mind that if they need service they sign company they choose will be there to help.

Signdealz has the capability to design, fabricate, and install your school or university sign. Signdealz specializes in electric, electronic, and architectural signs.

Masonry Based School Sign
LED School and Education School Signs

Partnering with Education Professionals

In the fast-paced world of technological innovation, educators in every level of academia are striving to improve the engagement between parents, students, and staff. Communication is a critical element in the success of students and your LED marquee sign can be an important element in your chain of communication. If you are still using a manual reader board, you're limiting your ability to reach everyone with important information. Your sign can help you communicate with parents of disadvantaged communities, support student and staff achievement, and deliver critical calendar updates to students and staff. Signdealz is your critical partner in helping bridge the gap many communities face when making the important decision to buy a digital sign. We use our consultative approach to determine the best solution to enable your communication strategy.


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Education LED Monument Signs

Finding The Best Sign for the Best Price

Every dollar of your education budget is a precious resource, and the purchase of your digital sign should reflect that importance. Our consultation starts with educating our clients on the importance of looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO) rather than the bottom dollar price. Many sign manufactures to enter the market with a low price, hoping to pull you in, then as your sign gets older and starts to fail, your left supporting a sign you can’t get support or parts for. Our average sign last 12 to 15 years, with some competitors lasting only 5 to 7 years. Signdealz sells only Watchfire LED displays, the nations leader in digital sign technology and support. 

  • Digital Marquee Monument and Pylon Signs - Let us create a sign that will stand the test of time! From our standard cost-effective designs to a masonry or stone monument, Sigdealz will build your next digital monument that will last decades. (Picture)
  • Dynamic LED Exterior Wall Signs - On a budget and don’t need a monument sign? LED-wall signs are the most cost-effective way to start your digital sign journey. Add an illuminated topper with your logo! (Picture)
  • Indoor LED Displays and Video Wall Systems - Take your message to the next level with a digital wall system. (Picture)

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Frederick High School

LED Monuments for Schools

Our LED Monument Signs for schools offer Watchfire's state of the art LED technology with 5 years of parts and labor warranty. If you need an affordable long-lasting school sign, Signdealz will deliver!

Monument Signs Come Standard With:

  • 5 years of parts and labor warranty
  • Lifetime Broadband Option
  • Remote Service Messaging
  • Lifetime Training
  • Custom Cabinets Options
  • Masonry and Stone Base Options
Wall Mounted LED Signs for Schools

Wall Mounted LED Signs for Education

Wall-mounted LED Signs from Signdealz are the most cost-effective way to upgrade your messaging from your manual readerboard. 

Signdealz can get you into a 16MM Full Color 2'H X 6'L with a 24"H Logo Topper Cabinet installed for $12000. This offer includes:

  • 16MM Full Color 2'H X 6'L LED Display
  • Lifetime 4G Cellular Antenna
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Installation 
  • Lifetime Software Training


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