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Channel Letters

Since 2004, Signdealz has sold thousands of channel letters in the Denver Metro area. We wrote the book on Channel Letter signs. We’ll make sure you get the best looking, highest performing sign for your budget. 

  • Typical Project Cost for a starting business with a single sign ranges from $3800 to $5500 installed. 
  • Signdealz will survey your building, provide you with a permit ready design, and handle any permitting that may be required.
  • Installation in most cases, only takes a day.
  • Typical Lead Times range from 4 to 6 weeks after permit approval.
Custom Outdoor Business Signs
Front Lit Channel Letters Sign

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Key Features: Front-lit channel letters are the most common type of business sign sold today. Channel letters are affordable, long-lasting, and, if configured correctly, can be an essential part of your overall marketing and advertising efforts. Channel Letters consist of five key components. The face, Trim Cap, Return, Back, and Lighting Source. Customers may have the option of choosing an alternative to a standard front-lit channel letter called Trimless channel letters. 

  1. The Face: The face of your front-lit channel letter consists of translucent acrylic. The face can be plain white acrylic or colored acrylic. Front-Lit Channel letters with plain translucent acrylic are going to be the most common and also the most cost-effective option. You will have the option of adding high-performance vinyl or digitally printed vinyl if you want a custom color for your sign. Each of these options will add cost to your sign.
  2. Trim Cap: Trim cap is a metal strip encased in soft acrylic material. The trim cap comes in several standard primary colors and is glued to the acrylic face of your letter. The primary purpose of the trim cap is to hold the face of your letter to the aluminum return.
  3. The Return: The return of a channel letter consists of the aluminum sides of your letter. The Returns are the sides of your letter and are what gives your letter it's depth, and also provides a space for the LED's contained within the channel letter to spread light inside. Returns are fabricated out of .040 or .063 aluminum. The most common method of manufacturing a Return is using a computer-aided bending machine. The Returns can come in a combination of standard primary colors or are painted to your selected custom color.
  4. The Back: The backs connect to the return of the channel letter using three primary methods: welding, stapling, and punching. Once the back and returns of the channel letter join together, the letter becomes a container for the illuminated components.
  5. Illumination: Channel letters use either neon or LED's as the primary source for lighting. Neon comes in many color combinations, but understand the cost implications of using neon. Neon illumination can be expensive and require periodic maintenance that can cost thousands of dollars a year as it ages. The LED's come in a more limited amount of colors. Because of its superior efficiency, LEDs require significantly less maintenance and energy to maintain. 

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Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse Pan Channel Letters produce a lighting effect that projects the lighting directly out of the rear of the letter. By making the face of the channel letter metal, and leaving the opening on the back of the letter, this allows the light to escape out the rear of the channel letter. A quality reverse channel letter is constructed out of .063 aluminum and often a .080 aluminum back.

The rear of the letter, where the light escapes, is covered by a clear acrylic cover with the LED’s attached on the transparent acrylic face pointing towards the face. The light bounces off the face and back towards the back, spreading evenly, producing a “halo” effect around the perimeter of the letter. The Reverse Channel Letters stand off the wall using spacers at least 1“ off the wall, allowing the light to escape in an even pattern. Reverse Channel Letters provide a more classical and sophisticated look than front-lit channel letters.

Reverse Channel Letters can cost 20% to 30% more than a stand channel letter due to the welding required to combine the face and returns. Signdealz can provide a diffuser film on the back of the acrylic back that can soften the light to the desired intensity as an added option.


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Open Faced neon Channel Letters Sign

Open-Faced Neon Channel Letters

Since neon's inception in 1898, neon has been a mainstay through the evolution of signs. Even with the advent of the LED illuminated sign in the early 2000s, neon still holds the position in the industry as an effective on-premise advertising solution for any size business. No sign style is more attractive and effective at generating excitement than a well-designed neon sign. 

Neon Colors Explained

A neon tube bender creates an attractive look from neon by bending glass tube into the shape of the letter. The neon tube colors are created by the type of glass and gases used. There are three types of neon glass. Clear, Coated, and Painted. Clear glass, when used with different types of gas, produces different colors when excited with electricity. Neon gas produces red light, Helium produces orange light, and xenon produces gray or blue light. Coated Glass provides various colors by introducing a colored coating inside the glass, and when one of the three types of gas are used, produce a specific color combination. Check out our link to EGL Neon Colors or Voltarc Neon Color for examples of neon colors available.


Like its name, Open-Faced Neon signs no face covering the neon inside the letter. Clear faces can protect the neon from damage due to hail and birds nesting inside the can of the letter.


Maintenance of your sign should be a consideration before purchasing. Even the highest-quality neon signs will need periodic maintenance, and letters brightness can fade over time. Make sure you are prepared to spend approximately $300 to $600 a year on maintenance of the sign.

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Full Color Led Signs

Specialty Channel Letter Signs

  • Customized to your specifications.
  • The possibilities are endless — neon highlights, color-changing LEDs, non-illuminated, perforated returns, day/night vinyl.
  • Custom shapes, textures, vinyl overlays, paint colors, finishes and patinas.
  • Sometimes called back-lit or halo-lit channel letter signs.
  • If you can dream it, Signdealz can fabricate and install it.

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