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Signdealz is a veteran-owned company and has been committed to serving our Houston Texas customers with extraordinary signs and excellent service since 2011. We are a turn-key electrical sign company offering full design, engineering, fabrication, and installation services across Texas.

The Signdealz mission is to give our clients more options for signage, faster, with higher quality, and less money. Our unique streamlined operating model allows us to provide more value than our bloated traditional full-service sign company competitors. How do we do it?

Networks: Since our inception, Signdealz focus has been on building networks of wholesale vendors in every discipline. We know what the DNA of a right vendor looks like, and we reward excellent performance with more work, thus driving down the price of everything we buy. We invest those savings into providing lower prices to our customers!

Project Management: We hire, train, and develop the best project managers in the sign business. Our highly trained staff are experts in managing complex sign projects and working through issues while keeping our customers informed.

Technology: We combine our vendors, sales, and customers into one comprehensive technology platform that allows us to have a 360-degree view of the customer.

Design: We offer great-looking custom sign designs that will amaze you. Our design focus is on developing signs that create a unique customer experience that will bring customers back to your establishment over and over again.


Houston Texas Custom Signs





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