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Your monument sign has many functions. It promotes your brand, tells potential customers your address, let people know what tenants are in the building, and should contain the street address or street number at a minimum. An excellent monument sign should add to the architecture of the building or development it represents. It should stand out from the crowd and be easy to read. A well-built monument sign will last for decades and dramatically increase your business exposure and strengthen your corporate identity. As an experienced monument sign company, Signdealz offers extensive customizable options when it comes to the design and production of unique monument signs for your business.


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Custom Monument Signs

What Makes a Great Monument Sign?

  • Creative designs using a combination of materials and lighting
  • UL Listed Components ensure your lighting source will last for decades
  • Endless combinations of colors and materials to make your custom sign stand out
  • A solid engineered foundation using re-bar and concrete

General Benefits and Uses of Monument Signs

If you are losing the opportunity for more customers due to lack of visibility for your business location, consider taking advantage of the benefits of monument signs for business. These benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Monument signs provide pedestrians and motorists exceptional visibility of your business location. Often positioned near sidewalks and roadsides, these signs, with their size and architecture quickly catch the from a distance.
  2. Harmonize with Your Building’s Architecture: Modern monument signs may be manufactured with various materials. For example, if your building is constructed of stone or brick, you can have a monument sign built with the same material to ensure a complementary appearance that reflects the identity of your brand.
  3. Durability and Longevity: Commercial monument signs are designed for durability to resist the weather elements. The strength of their appearance resents your business as an established and successful entity.
  4. Boost Marketing Impact: Custom monument signs are able to reach greater numbers of people in the local area over time than traditional newspaper or radio ads. They serve as a nonstop 24/7 advertisement projecting your brand and identifying your business location.

Customized Uses: These versatile and creative monument signs can be customized to your specific requirements and serve the following uses:

  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Displaying vital business information
  • Promoting business offers, discounts, or specials
  • Providing clear directions to your place of business
  • As digital monument signs that display the temperature, time, updates, announcements, or other special messages

Monument signs can truly get your business noticed, and large your brand’s presence, and help you communicate with a broader target audience.

Let’s look at some of the various types of monument signs we offer at Signdealz.


LED Monument Signs

What is an LED Monument Sign?

LED Monument signs combine the standard features found in most illuminated monument style signs plus an integrated LED Display. LED Monuments are explicitly designed to be advertising machines, positioned as close to the road as possible to increase visibility and attract customers.

Key Benefits Of LED Monument Signs

  • Target Every Demographic: Hit every demographic segment when you use an LED sign. If you want to advertise specifically to children, adults over 30, or any other demographic group, your Sign can reach every possible demo.
  • The most massive audience at the lowest cost: Your LED Monument sign will be noticed by anyone who passes by your business if by foot or by automobile, there is a good chance your Sign will be seen. Those thousands and possibly millions of people who view your Sign are potential customers. Divide those impressions by the cost of the Sign, and you get the most cost-effective form of advertising ever invented.
  • Your LED Sign is a Landmark: A unique and large monument sign placed outside your business along any road will make it a landmark that represents your brand. Finding your company's location will be more comfortable with the help of your monument sign in front of your business location.
DSC_0017 (1)

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Multi-Tenant Monument signs are a critical component in the promotion of shopping center tenants. Multi-Tenant Monuments are a cost-effective way to promote your office park, shopping center, or corporate business office complex in a cost-effective way. Signdealz will work with you from design to monument sign installation with our turnkey service model.

What is a Multi-Tenant Monument Sign?

A Multi-Tenant monument sign is a large freestanding sign comprised of divided tenant panels in sections. Each separate tenant panel can be accessed and removed as tenants in shopping centers, malls, or office buildings rotate through tenants over time.

What are Multi-Tenant Monument Signs Constructed from?

Multi-Tenant monument signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated. The body and frame of the monument sign can be fabricated out of aluminum sheet metal and aluminum or steel angle iron. Tenant panels can be manufactured from acrylic sheets, polycarbonate, or aluminum. Illuminated monument sign panels are made from translucent materials and vinyl for graphics.

How much do Mult-Tenant Signs Cost?

The smallest non-illuminated monument signs typically start as low as $5000, and as the sign grows, the cost increases. Options like LED Displays, Masonry or Stone bases, and single or dual pole configurations can have a significant impact on the cost of the monument sign.


Custom Monument Signs - Single Tenant

Our passion at Signdealz is creating inspiring and unique designs for our customers. Creating an effective monument sign takes years of experience in design, site selection, traffic analysis, and an understanding of how signs work.

Many of our clients have spent significant money to create and define their brand. Signdealz will work with your architect or designer to develop a monument sign that will support your brand image and flow with the architecture of the site and the building.

Masonry and Brick Monument Signs

Nothing adds an attractive and decorative feature to a monument sign like masonry or brick accents. Master bricklayers and stonemasons construct our amazing designs.

What makes up a masonry monument sign?

The first integral part of a masonry monument sign is the foundation. A licensed engineer designs the foundation. The primary components of a foundation are concrete and rebar. It is common to have a pipe section embedded in a foundation to accommodate the wind load of the sign that sits on the foundation.

The second part of a masonry monument is the brick or stone used to cover the facade of the sign. You can use any color, style, or shape of stone or brick to bring a more decorative and attractive element to the sign.

The third major component is the caps. Caps can be found at the top of columns or the body of the brick base. Caps help to protect the sign from moisture penetration and protect the sign from breaking from ice build-up over years of weather. Caps are generally fabricated out of concrete or metal.


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