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Pylon & Pole Signs

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Pylon & Pole Signs

Signdealz has been building Pylon and Pole Signs for some of the largest companies in the United States for years.

This tall and effective electric sign configuration works great for a business on a busy highway that wants to be seen from long distances. No form of advertising will be as effective for your business in transforming commuters to customers than a tall, well lit, and stylish pylon sign.


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Custom Pylon Signs and Pole Signs
outdoor pylon sign

Advantages of a Quality Pylon Sign from Signdealz:

A pylon sign is a type of free-standing ground-based sign that includes a sign cabinet and a pole with a pole cover, where the pipe or pipes is hidden underneath the pole cover. A pylon sign can be single-sided or double-sided. 

When are Pylon Signs the best solution for my business?

Pylon signs are large signs that can reach over 100 feet in height. Pylon signs are specifically designed to grab the attention of passing motorists on high traffic roads or Highways. Pylon signs also make great multi-tenant signs for multi-tenant shopping centers that can be raised above obstructions like trees or a highway overpass.

What should I expect to pay for a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs generally start around $18,000 and go up from there. Pylons require the excavation of a hole to hold the pipe, concrete, pole assembly, sign cabinet assembly, and pipe sleeve. You can also add different options like an LED Display, decorative elements, and accent lighting. All of these options will increase the price. It is not uncommon to see pylon signs in the $100,000 range, especially the higher the sign goes.

LED Displays for Pylon and Pole Signs

Adding Digital to your Pylon or Pole Sign

Digital LED Pylon Signs from offer superior visibility with the height of a steel pylon and the crisp, bright colors of LED illumination with an LED illuminated cabinet sign.

  • Signdealz works with all types of businesses developing on-premise advertising strategies that will help pull attract customers into your physical location. LED Displays need to be an integral part of your advertising strategy.
  • Signdealz has partnered with Watchfire signs since 2007. We are an exclusive Watchfire dealer and understand how to integrate both the hardware and software of the sign together. We offer in-person or remote training for the life of your sign.
  • We use Watchfire LED Signs for our digital pylon solution. The finest LED display in the world. You will get 5 years of parts warranty followed by 5 years of Labor warranty on all LED Sign products.
led pylon signs

Why Choose an LED Pylon Sign For Your Business?

  • Go from passive to active advertising. With an effective LED Display sign, you will be able to reach every car and potential consumer with your personalized call to action. You are giving them a reason to come into your facility.
  • Manage your Signdealz Pole or Pylon mounted LED Sign from anywhere. With our cellular antenna data option, you can connect to your sign to change it's a message no matter the distance. The mobile data option also makes your sign a smart device that can report it's status to you daily. If a part starts to fail inside the sign, the LED sign will message you with a notification of the failure. This feature can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your sign. 
  • Signdealz can bring our technology directly to your door with our demo trucks. Experience what you are going to buy before you buy it. We will help you determine what is allowed by municipal code and where is the best location for your new LED pole or pylon sign.

Pole Signs for Business

Pole Sign or Pylon Sign? Whats the Difference?

You might be asking yourself, what's the difference between a pole sign and a pylon sign? Well, it's pretty simple. A pole sign has an exposed pole with no cover or decoration. Simply put, it's cheaper and is less attractive than pylon signs and other types of monuments. Less material equals lest cost and less fabrication labor.

How do I determine the size of my pole for my monument sign?

Your pole size is going should be determined by a licensed engineer. A series of engineering calculations determine your pole size. Some of the factors that affect the size of the pole are face area, sign weight, and the wind load a sign must hold up against in your region of the country. There are standardized charts that engineers use for determining the size of a single or multiple pole sign.

How tall can my pole sign get? Is there a limit?

Your municipal or county government determines the maximum height of your pole sign. If your pole sign is on a major road or highway, restrictions will be less stringent than if you're pole sign is near a residential neighborhood.

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