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Standard Resolution Signs

Signdealz standard resolution displays are built from the highest quality components.

These signs are extremely economical and long-lasting, making them the most affordable signs for small business advertising.

Standard Resolution Signs
16MM Standard Resolution Signs

16MM Full Color LED Signs

16MM LED sign is perfect for the budget-minded business looking to get a quick ROI from their sign. Amazingly bright and with a color calibrated screen, Signdealz produces the highest quality LED Sign in the business. 

Features Include:

  • Through-hole construction using proven technology for high brightness
  • Tight pixel pitch gives signs of superior  image quality and high resolution for close-range viewing
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty and 5 Year Labor Warranty
  • Every Module is encapsulated in silicone to be durable in every weather condition and temperature.
  • Average energy use equals about 1/3 of maximum amperage.
19MM Full Color LED Sign

19MM Full Color LED Signs


Standard Resolution Signs

The 19MM LED sign is the most affordable option for any business. This sign works great with you have farther distances to travel to view the sign. 

Features Include:

  • Full Video Capability
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Vivid colors producing a true to life image capability. 
  • Numerous Connection Methods

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