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Monochrome LED Signs from Signdealz

Monochrome LED Signs continue to be one of the best ways to effectively message your customers, patients, parents, and visitors across the country. Signdealz has sold hundreds of these effective signs to schools, churches, and businesses since 2011.

Monochrome LED School Signs
Monochrome Led Sign

Why Should I buy a Monochrome Sign Over a Full Color LED Sign?

Monochrome LED signs hold a special place in the market. They are primarily used for messaging since they only contain one color at a time. We offer Red and Amber color options for our Monochrome LED Sign options. 

Monochrome LED Signs are an affordable option for any organization that is looking to spend less money vs full color LED signs. Here are some of the advantages of Monochrome Signs:

  • Low energy usage. Since Monochrome only has to support one color of an LED, it uses significantly less energy than a full-color display.
  • Effective Messaging. Monochrome for messaging works and is very effective as long as you don't pack your message with too much text based on the speed of the viewer.
  • Low Cost. Typically, Monochrome LED Signs are 30% to 40% less than Full Color LED signs.
LED Sign Connection Methods

How do I connect to my Monochrome LED Sign?

Signdealz provides numerous options for you to connect to your new Monochrome LED sign. Understanding these connection options is important because not all organizations have in house IT support after purchase.

  • 4G LTE Cellular: Cellular connectivity opens up significant options for customers who purchase this option. You will be able to connect to your sign anywhere in the world. For large organizations with numerous signs great distances away, you will be able to remotely manage all of them in one place. You will also unlock remote management of your sign's diagnostic capabilities. Your sign will also be ready once power is supplied vs other connection options that will require hours of a complex setup.
  • Point to Point Wireless: P2P wireless utilizes a 802.1 wireless antenna that uses the same signal as your home wireless network. This method of connection requires configuration to your existing network and is technically more difficult. We have found that the P2P antennae are not a durable as 4G Cellular.
  • Fiber to the Sign: Fiber is the most reliable connection, but also the most costly. Signdealz will provide you with the fiber and digital converter, but this setup takes approximately 4 to 8 hours depending on the amount of network security. You will also be required to run a separate conduit to the sign separate from your electrical line. This can cost thousands of dollars.



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