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Foam Monument Signs – The Versatile Branding Solution

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The first item visitors may notice about your brand and facility is the sign you have out front. This sign is going to leave a lasting impression, whether positive or negative. A custom monument sign can help you leave a positive impression in the minds of the public. At Signdealz, we design and manufacture foam monument signs that can optimize the visibility of your brand from the street and complement the architectural features of your building.

These signs consist of a lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner foam core with a hard coat that provides extra reinforcement, giving the material excellent resistance to moisture, rot, and termites. Our foam monument signs provide exceptional versatility and durability for branding and messaging purposes.

The benefits of our foam monument signs include:

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Design Configurations

Our foam monument signs are available in a variety of configurations, whether you require unique shapes, rock veneers, or faux brick.

Exceptional Durability

The robust construction and sturdy finishes of our foam monument signs ensure they retain their excellent appearance for many years.


With various customizable options, our foam monument signs can feature vibrant graphics and other details to reflect the image of your brand and your design preferences.


Illumination Options

To ensure the illumination of your sign both day and night, we can incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting that puts a constant spotlight on your brand or message.


When compared to the use of other materials such as concrete, aluminum, or other metals, foam monuments are highly cost-effective without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

Ease of Installation

Foam monument signs provide for an easy installation and very often, a smooth permitting process.


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