High Resolution Signs



High Resolution Slider

High resolution signs are designed for applications where your going to have significant pedestrian traffic, or near a high traffic location. This would include a busy intersection near a shopping center. 


  • High Resolution signs numerous advantages for buyers
  • You can get these signs in a smaller size and place the same amount of content as a larger sign.
  • These signs show a high level of detail and can produce a 2.5" readable character

Average Project Price:

It's very hard to determine how much your project will cost. Factors include whether you need a footing or foundation, electrical considerations, and if we need to build a structure to support the sign. Signdealz will work with you to determine your budget based on your advertising needs to get you the fastest ROI possible.

Communication Methods: High resolution signs can use the following communication methods:

  1. RFW Wireless Communication: This antenna is very similar to a 802.1 wireless antenna and can integrate into an existing wireless infrastructure.
  2. Fiber Optic: Fiber optic communication is an option for connecting your sign. This option is often very expensive and is usually recommended when clients will be feeding live video to a high resolution sign.
  3. 4G Cellular: This is the most common method of communication used to control your high resolution sign. This communication method has significant advantages to the other communication methods. The advantages include remote trouble shooting, remote management of the sign, and the ability to control and update your sign from anywhere you have an internet connection.

City of Edgewater High Resolution Sign