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Choosing an LED sign can be very intimidating. Signdealz understands your buying a product that will cost thousands of dollars and have an immense impact on your business. With this understanding, we work with you through the whole process to determine which solution will make the biggest impact on driving sales and customers to your establishment.

Signdealz only offers Watchfire LED Signs. Watchfire offers the best combination of products and services that set them apart from the rest of the outdoor digital sign industry. Their quality and dedication to supporting our customers after the sales is why we have selected to offer their products exclusively.

Signdealz Consultants will walk you through our extensive process at your location and demonstrate the technology at your doorstep using our LED Demo Trucks. We wouldn’t buy a solution that costs thousands of dollars before seeing it, so why would you?



Step 1 - Municipal Code Review:

Before we can even start the process of finding the right sign for your business we need to see what your local municipality allows. This process is called Code Review.

Step 2 - Understanding Your Business:

Every business is unique. We will ask a series of questions that will help us understand what you sell and how you sell it. Based on this information we determine if you will need a high, medium, or lower resolution sign to fit your advertising needs. Signdealz will also do a traffic analysis of your location to ensure we look at what your expected ROI for your sign will be based on the number of cars driving by.

Step 3 - Sign Placement:

Signdealz consultants will determine the most optimal placement and height of the sign that will fit within your municipal code. This includes your setback from your property line, height of the sign, number of faces, and allowable size.

Step 4 - Sign Size:

The size of your sign is often determined by your budget. Signdealz consultants will balance all of your variables to select a size of sign that will optimize your budget. We will give you a cost range in the very beginning of your sign consultation to make sure you can afford it the solution. Signdealz consultants will also explain the value of leasing a sign vs purchasing and if it’s the right solution.

Step 5 - Sign Design:

Signdealz consultants will work with you to help develop a unique design solution that represents your business’s image. We will use our network of design professionals to deliver to you the best possible design solution within only a few days. Signdealz drawings provide engineering, structural design, permitting, and electrical requirements.

Step 6 - Sign Fabrication:

Signdealz will select a sign fabricator to manufacture your custom sign. We offer a network of affordable quality sign fabricators from around the country who will build a product that will last for decades. We will send you photo’s of your sign throughout the fabrication process so you know the sign is being built to your specifications. Our exclusive partnership with Watchfire Signs will ensure you have an LED Display that will last for years and is covered with a 5 year parts warranty followed up with a Signdealz 2 year labor warranty.

Step 7 - Installation:

Signdealz will select a qualified sign installer who will install your LED sign. They are guided by the best project management team in the sign industry. We will ensure your sign is installed to code and tested. Signdealz will also work with your IT department to help integrate the product into your existing computer network.

Step 8 - Training:

Signdealz delivers complimentary on site training with our sign, followed by lifetime training support by Watchfire. We will leave your prepared to turn your new LED sign into an advertising machine! Our goal is to ensure your total satisfaction!

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