How Expensive Is a Business Sign?

Posted by Jordan Bouley on Oct 19, 2016 11:00:00 AM
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Opening a new retail location for a business is a complicated process, between the build-out of your space and all other preparations for your launch date, allocating your budget effectively is key. Your business signage plays an integral role in establishing your business presence in your community and there are plenty of reasons it is an important investment. Make sure you do some research on factors you should consider to ensure you end up with a well designed business sign

 How much should you budget? DSC_0028-871447-edited.jpg

In the world of custom signage there is no clear-cut pricing guide to go by, although there are some considerations that should be taken into account to ensure you are moving in the right direction with your budget. The first major factors
in determining price guidelines are; the type of sign you are looking to buy, and whether you would like your sign to be illuminated (there are plenty of benefits to illuminated signage). To help you get an idea of initial numbers, we have put some rough guideline prices together:

Channel letters - Illuminated - $3000 (Average spend = $5000 - $7000)
Blade Signs - Non Illuminated - $1000 (Average spend = $1500 - $2500)
Blade Signs - Illuminated - $3000 (Average spend = $4000)
Post and panel sign - $1000 (Average spend = $1200)
Monument sign masonry base single-tenant Illuminated (50 sq ft)- $12,000 (Average spend = $15,000) 
Monument sign masonry base single-tenant non Illuminated (50 sq ft)- $10,000 (Average spend = $12,000 - $13,000)
Monument sign masonry base multi-tenant illuminated - (65 sq ft ) - $15,000 (Average spend = $15,000 - $17,000)
Monument sign masonry base multi-tenant non illuminated - (65 sq ft) - $13,000 (Average spend = $13,000 - $15,000
Pole/ Pylon Sign - Illuminated - $15,000 (Average spend $15,000 - $18,000)


 Consider Going Digital 

Your business may also benefit from going digital with your signage, research suggests there can be a significant return on investment for a small business that chooses to invest in a dynamic digital display. Check out some of our other articles on outdoor digital displays.


If you would like to get a more accurate idea of price for your signage project, get in touch!

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