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Denver Metro Spotlight - Colorado Mountain Club - Channel Letters



About our Customer Colorado Mounain Club:

Signdealz finished the Colorado Mountain Club's new channel letter electric sign for thier new location in Boulder. CMC is a membership only club that is devoted to connecting people who love to share the experiance of the colorado mountains and outdoors. They were a great group of people to do business with.

What the Club does:

The primary purposes of the club are to gather and disseminate information regarding the Colorado mountains in the areas of art, science, literature and recreation; to furnish facilities for the enjoyment and study of the mountains by the Club members and the public; and to advocate for the preservation of the alpine regions.

Why Join?

There are few people acquainted with the Rocky Mountains who will not find some phase of the Club's activities to interest them and will not discern the importance and usefulness of its work to the State of Colorado .

How Signdealz Helped CMC:

Signdealz specializes strictly in electric and custom business signs. The reason we dont do any of the other stuff like banners, decals, logo's is we really want to focus on delivering a great electric sign that both captures our customers desire to advertise and promote thier brand and visually compells customers to find our what our customers do.

When it came to CMC, an organization that has a long history in Colorado promoting the outdoors, we listed to thier needs. They needed a great sign that showed off thier amazing logo as well as an electric signs that fit within thier tight budgetary constraints. Signdealz workds closely to give our customers the highest quality sign for the best price. CMC chose supersign because we met thier criteria.

What kind of sign did they pick?

CMC decided to go with a new LED illuminated set of Channel Letters. Signdealz channel letters are fabricated from .063 aluminum on the returns (sides of the letter), 3/16" Acrylic ,and can have both standard 3M Vinyl or digitally printed vinly to match our customers unique color requirements for the faces.

If you would like more information on Signdealz Channel Letters or electric signs follow our link below.

Bill Hayes CEO Signdealz


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