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Shear Madness | Interior Signage | Albuquerque, NM

Located in Albuquerque, NM another Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids Salon opportunity. The Shear Madness Franchise is wacky, colorful, and very kid friendly.

Flagstaff Academy of Longmont Purchases New Watchfire LED Sign

Flagstaff Academy, located in Longmont, Colorado, is a premier charter school located within the St. Vrain School District. The staff, students, and parents at Flagstaff are committed to creating a unique learning environment dedicated to integrating science and technology into all areas of learning. There is an emphasis placed on "Every Child, Every Day." The goal is to raise students who are ethical and well-rounded citizens. Teachers create expertly differentiated instruction that builds on previous learning and sets a foundation for future experiences.


Kauffman Charter School of Kansas City, MO contracted Signdealz to supply and install one very custom High Definition LED display for their High School auditorium. With the help of Pixel-Flex and their experts we managed to expedite an install turn around from 60 days to about 30!

Boulder Colorado Sign Spotlight - Brewers Association

Colorado is known world-wide for its craft brewing, and the Brewers Association is the professional organization that connects those working in the brewing industry. There are more than 10,000 brewers, marketers, buyers, individual owners, managers, CEOs, and distributors in the association. One of the Brewers Association's primary goals is to educate members on brewing quality, current research, technical specifications, and results of the annual Hops Usage Survey. They also work to ensure the ingredients necessary for craft brewing are available and of high quality.

Check out these cool interior signs

Great interior signs always start with a vision of the space in which they reside. When will they be seen, and how will they be used are the right questions to ask when beginning this creative process. Signdealz works with numerous visionary designers who can create a look and feel that will fit the vibe of any space.

City of Lafayette Gets New Watchfire LED Display from Signdealz

The city of Lafayette, Colorado recently invested in a new Watchfire LED display. This type of sign is a perfect way to keep residents informed of upcoming events, important city announcements, and potential emergency information. Lafayette is located in southeaster Boulder County between Erie and Broomfield. Once a small Colorado coal mining town, Lafayette is now home to nearly 30,000 residents that enjoy the local lifestyle. Notable public events include the Oatmeal Festival (in partnership with Quaker Oats), a wine festival, and Lafayette Days.

Turn Style Consignment selects Channel Letters for their new

Turnstyle Consignment in Littleton, Colorado thinks you shouldn't have to spend a bunch of money to dress well. Their consignment process focuses on bringing in high end and fashionable pieces for a fraction of the original cost. It's easy to keep your home looking up to date with purchases from Turnstyle Consignment.

Surna Inc. of Boulder Colorado Chooses Signdealz for New Business Sign

Colorado takes its place on the world stage as the "Silicon Valley for Weed," Surna, Inc. is there to help advance the growing legal marijuana industry. Surna's primary goal is to manufacture equipment for use in the industry, and to also focus on disruptive technology and its related support services.

Changes You Can Make to Your LED Signs Throughout the Day

Using an LED sign to promote your business is a simple way to make a big impression on potential customers. A few clicks from behind your computer screen, and you've adjusted your message, reached a new target audience, and increased interest in your business. Changing your LED sign throughout the day is easy and effective and should be done strategically to align with your marketing plan.

Why LED Signs Are So Energy-Efficient

Your business' budget is likely one of your biggest priorities. How much money is being spent? Do you have a healthy reserve? How are your financial resources being allocated? Small changes, such as using an energy efficient LED sign, can make a huge difference within your budget.