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Kauffman Charter School of Kansas City, MO contracted Signdealz to supply and install one very custom High Definition LED display for their High School auditorium. With the help of Pixel-Flex and their experts we managed to expedite an install turn around from 60 days to about 30! 

Originally the school wanted an 8mm display which in the Sign Industry is a very tight pitch for many customers. However this was not quite as tight as the school preferred. So with the help of Pixel-Flex we presented a 6.9mm pitch display. They went with the 6.9mm!

With this new display the teachers can now use this to educate the students via a very impressive 16FT x 9FT display. They will be able to use this for powerpoint presentations, educational videos, maybe even Sunday night football get togethers (ok, I threw that last one in, but they weren't opposed to the idea, one teacher actually wanted to see if they could hook up cable to the display!)

Bill Hayes CEO Signdealz

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