Surna Inc. of Boulder Colorado Chooses Signdealz for New Business Sign

Bill Hayes

channel-letters-on-a-raceway-boulder-COColorado takes its place on the world stage as the "Silicon Valley for Weed," Surna, Inc. is there to help advance the growing legal marijuana industry. Surna's primary goal is to manufacture equipment for use in the industry, and to also focus on disruptive technology and its related support services.

Surna Opens Location in Boulder, Colorado

Surna doesn't produce or sell marijuana, but focuses instead on advancing the entire industry while helping to manage the explosive growth. The team of experts at Surna believe that the coming years will see an expansion of the cannabis industry into new sectors such as nutraceuticals, biotechnology, food products, and remote agricultural monitoring.  Surna has developed and produced a chilled water climate control system that advances the cannabis and indoor gardening industry.

Channel Letters on a Raceway

We designed, constructed, and installed a channel letter sign for Surna, Inc. A channel letter sign illuminates from the front of the letters and can be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of any business. Each letter (or small piece of the sign) is installed individually and includes its own lighting. The light projects from the interior of the letter and shines through an acrylic face. A channel letter sign is distinctive and will help set your business apart from a crowded field. 

Signdealz is your trusted resource for signs for your business in Boulder, Colorado. Do you need new signs? Contact us today to learn more about channel letter signs, our other sign varieties, and the benefits of new signs for your business.


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