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Posted by William Kendrick on Jan 14, 2014 12:09:00 PM
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How can I afford a sign?

Many small business owners fret over this question. One of the long standing sign industry adages is “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” How can you afford NOT to have a sign? When your customers are trying to find you for the first time, poor signage is a significant reason that they go elsewhere. It generates doubt in their mind. (Did they not think ahead enough to consider that they might need a sign? Are they open? Did they just open? How long have they been in business? they must be struggling if they can only afford a temporary banner, are they a fly by night company? will they stand behind what they do? will they be here next week?

The Signage Budget Challenge

One of our current customers experienced a delay in getting his new lighted sign up after he moved his business. He was pushing the limits of what the city would allow as far as the size and type of sign that he wanted to install, a 25’ high pylon sign with a large Watchfire LED message board. The city pushed back with everything they could think of to deny his permit. The resulting delay caused him to temporarily lose business to a neighboring shop while he was in the throes of battling the city. The temporary delay was worth it for the owner, though. His attrition dropped immediately once the sign was installed. His position on affording this fairly expensive sign was this, “I used to spend around $6,000/month to have the back cover of the yellow page books in town. This one time expense is less than I used to spend in a year on yellow page advertising and I can update it daily if I want!” This customer used part of his construction loan for the buildout of his new facility to cover the cost of the sign. In a conversation that I had with him, he mentioned that a mentor of his explained that advertising is not an option, recurring business is great, but new business is critical to keeping you in business.

The Signdealz Mission

At Signdealzour mission is to provide you with the best possible sign at the best possible price. Don’t confuse low cost with cheap. All of our signs meet UL standards and are built with durability in mind. Our desire for you is for you to get a better sign than you thought you could afford. After all, you never get a second chance for a first impression.

We have found financing companies that are looking to help out small businesses with this type of purchase, so sign financing is a possibility. Please contact us to learn more.

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