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Posted by Bill Hayes on Mar 16, 2011 7:08:00 AM
Bill Hayes

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Well, I don’t think there is too much information on the web when it comes to buying a stone sign. So, I thought I would give it a shot. Stone signs come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles it can really be confusing. In Colorado, flag stone is Signdealz most popular type of stone sign. 

Stone Signs Make a Statement that lasts decades

Stone signs add a touch of history and nature to any location. They are one of the most durable sign types and because of this, very cost effective over the life of the sign. Fabricating stone signs takes a lot of experience, patience, and attention to detail. You make one mistake and there goes the entire sign. Here are a few easy tips when looking for a stone sign.

Stone Directory Sign 

  1. What application are you looking for? Do you want the sign to be at the entrance to a housing complex? Do you want the sign to hang from a wall in your office? Each application will require different cuts and types of stone.
  2. Look at what types of stone are prevalent in your area. This is nice when you are on a budget, especially if you want your sign to be large. You might have to ask a local sign company or quarry for specific information. If you’re looking for a particular shade of white granite, it might have to be shipped from a mine in another state. This can significantly raise the cost rather quickly. Another good technique for this is look at other stone signs in your area.
  3. Sign Code Review: As always look at your local sign code to determine if stone signs are allowed.

 University of Colorado Stone Sign

University of Colorado, Boulder


For exterior applications, stone signs can be in the following configurations.


  1. Monument Sign: The most common type of stone sign is the stone monument sign. These types of signs are often found in front of buildings, entrances to housing complexes, and government facilities. When placing graphical images and text to stone signs, we use a technique called Sand Blasting. A protective mask is cut with the image of the requested text and graphics and then the mask is applied to the stones surface. Once the mask has been applied, the high pressure air fed sand blaster etches the image. Once the image is etched, the mask is removed to show the indentation from the sand blasting procedure. Supersign, then uses paint to color in the etched area, thus showing the text and the image.
  2. How do I price a stone sign? Stone signs can be priced many different ways depending on various factors. The first is the size and type of the stone. Typically the heavier the sign is, the more expensive the stone will be. Other factors affecting the price can be color, type of cut, and availability at the quarry or mine. The cost of creating the mask can range from 55 to 80 cents per square inch. The next cost component is the cost to sandblast. This ranges from $60 for a small sign to as much as $2000 or more for very intricate designs. You often need to add transportation from the quarry (varies by distance), time for stone selection (average 3 to 5 hours), and finally the price of the foundation. Foundations range from $600 to $3000, depending on the size of the stone. Prices range on the low end for a stone monument sign at $3000 to over $30,000 depending on the factors above.


So, I hope this helps for Stone Monument signs. Call Signdealz for a free consultation regarding your next stone sign project.

Bill Hayes CEO Signdealz  


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