Tips to Make Your Restuarant Sign Work for You

Posted by Patricia Kelly on Feb 1, 2013 4:39:00 AM

Reverse Lit Channel Letters on Brick


It takes real courage to open a restaurant's doors for the first time. After months of arguing, negotiating, and compromising, you can take a deep breath and hope for the best.

But, hope doesn't guarantee a thing. When you open those doors, your success depends on the organizational and human structure you have built within. Every detail should be evidence of what you put into it.

So, your advertising images, your website and menus, and the exterior signage will reflect what you want to be and what you have pulled off. Make it count!

Let's talk restaurant signs, here: 

  • Commercial restaurant signs are not hard to come buy. Signs that make an impact, make people notice, and bring customers in the door - that requires a pro.
  • Signs are, first of all, design. You need a survey of traffic patterns, building visibility, and architectural advantages.
  • Logo, color, and name identify your business as unique. You need professional input on visualizing your brand. The brand should appear on linens, menus, coasters, uniforms, website, and the sign out front. Make sure you bring your sign guy into early discussions on your image design before construction begins.interior restaurant sign
Let's talk signage companies:
  • Full-service sign companies do it all. They analyze your needs, survey the traffic, check into applicable ordinances, and secure your permits.
  • Experienced pros will coach you on signage needs and potential within your budget.
  • Fabricate, install, and maintain the sign through your business' success.
Now, you may have a sign in mind. It might be clever and inventive. It may stop people in their tracks. It is, after all, your light house, your milepost, and your message. And, your sign maker will gladly do what makes you happy.

At the same time, their experience and skill in design, manufacture, and follow-through are worth the money:
  • Licensed contractors bring quality assurance to your dreams. They know what your building or pole can support and what codes have to be filled and filed, 
  • Professional workmanship by skilled artists, welders, and electricians provides a clear return on your investment.
  • Safety records mean a lot when the installation takes place on your property. Signage pros will work with and from safe and specialized equipment, sometimes at considerable height.
  • On-going maintenance keeps your landmark signage working to do what it is supposed to do - attract new customers and comfort your old customers.
Let's talk your return on investment in your restaurant signs:

This study for The New York Small Business Development Center makes a complex but easy-to-follow analysis of purpose, cost, and return. Admittedly, it has to navigate a spectrum of business types and retail sectors, but you can focus on the restaurant issues alone to determine consumer exposure, comparative media costs, and cost per exposure to customize the budget for yours. Open those restaurant doors and leave it to word-of-mouth, and you will short your success by 50%. Contact SignDealz for more information or to get a quote for your restaurant sign.

Bill Hayes CEO Signdealz

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