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Your Signs Are a Form of Customer Communication

WRITTEN BY Jessica Molinaro ON January 14, 2014. POSTED IN Sign Design, Stone Signs
Stone signs for colleges and universitiesIt should be apparent that your signs need to serve a purpose or they are doing more harm than good. Poor signage obstructs the view of the surrounding landscape and can even contribute to customer dissatisfaction.


Smart Design Conveys a Positive Image to Customers

Well-designed signs, on the other hand, can easily accomplish the opposite. Here then are some the things that all good signage should communicate:

A Professional Image

Hand-written signs are the first “no-no.” Second, your professionally produced signs should not include any spelling or grammatical errors. Lastly, they should not look ragtag in any way. If any of these problems exist, you should immediately pull the sign and order a new one or better yet, create a more impactful one.

An Informational Nature

Of course, we recognize that some signs are promotional in nature but that doesn't mean that you should ignore its basic function – to inform your customers of valuable information. Your signs should sell true value by what they say and not just point out that an item is on sale.

A Customer Service Perspective

Many retail customers are relatively self-sufficient. If they can quickly find the relevant information they need on a sign they are happier than if they are directly helped by an associate. Do not miss this opportunity as it frees up your staff to help other less capable customers while still maintaining and excellent customer service perspective.

Brand Awareness 

All of your signage – interior, exterior, vehicular and online – should convey a consistent picture of your brand. In this way, your customers will come to associate your company with the message that you are delivering whenever they see one of your signs or other promotional materials.

We hope this lends some clarity on this issue. For more information about it and other sign topics or if you already looking for a Denver sign company, please contact us at SignDealz. You will find us online at or reached directly at 800-405-0686.




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