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routed dimensional projecting sign


The Gumbo's sign is a good exapmple of a non-illuminated blade sign. Non-Illuminated blade signs like this are often required in certain shopping centers. Often this type of sign is externally illuminated from a drop light. This sign has various routed features made from sign foam to give it a demensional look.

What is the typical cost of a blade sign?

Blade signs of this type usually can range from $2K to 6K range, depending on various factors. The architecutal features of how the sign attatches to the buiding can also be expensive. Illuminated versions of this sign can range from $3500 to over $10K. This depends on if the sign is routed, uses push through letters, or has exposed neon.

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 Our business of the Day is Gumbo's located in Denver CO. We fabricated this sign in the late 1990's for them. Great food and you can find them on the web at:

Here is Google directions:

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