Adagio Bakery & Cafe Opens in Denver with New Channel Letter Sign

Bill Hayes

Restaurant Channel Letter Sign Denver

Adagio Bakery has built a reputation for having some of the most delectable treats in Denver.  Whether it's a simples cup of coffee to a intricate birthday cake, Adagio has been serving Denver locals for for years. When Adagio need a new sign for their newest location at 217 South Holly St in Denver they chose Signdealz. 

The Adagio Channel Letter Sign

Adagio worked with our Denver North Sign Consultant, Angela Cheeseboro to develop a great looking sign that met their budget. The sign is a set of front lit channel letters mounted on a raceway. What is a raceway you might be asking? It's basically a long metal box that the letters mount to that protects and the wiring from being exposed. The sign needed a raceway becuase the signe was being mounted to a beam. UL requires that signs usings a raceway be UL listed with a remote disconnect switch and be water tight. This ensures the sign will not short out and protects the LED power supply within.


A Great Sign Starts with a Great Design

Adagio_Picture-890957-editedSigndealz had developed a network approach to sign design. We use our network of freelance designers to create some pretty amazing results for our clients. Our design process produces better more consistent designs, faster. We work closely with our design partners to produce a design that often exceeds our clients expectations. When it comes to design, our goal is to ultimately give you something that not only looks great, but meets your local municipal code as well.


Channel Letter Cost Considerations:

We understand opening a new business can be an expensive en devour, so we are constantly working to keep our costs low in order to bring you the best sign at the best price. You should expect to pay between $4000 to $5000 for a similarly design sign, including installation and permitting. 

If you have more questions regarding electric signs, call the experts at Signdealz.

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