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A sign is not just a bunch of wires, acrylic, aluminum, and bolts, its your identity to the business world. I'ts what can set you apart from in a crowded shopping mall. It's often the main source of advertising most new businesses can afford and often is their largest single marketing expense. Signdealz understands how important this purchase is to our customers and thats why we always try to find a way to make it as affordable as possible. It's not about undercutting our competition, it's our goal to drive as much cost out of our supply chain and return that value back to the customer. Period.


MK Services is an tire and automotive shop on East Colfax in Aurora. For most of us, East Colfax is often thought of as run down and dilapidated part of the Denver Metro area. The city of Aurora is working to change the image of East Colfax. MK services relieved a grant from the City of Aurora to upgrade the exterior of their business. It included upgrading the parking lot, exterior building features, lighting, and signage. Signdealz was selected to provide the electrical channel letter lighting for the project.



Monument or Ground Sign with LED Channel Letters


Signdealz provided three sets of Illuminated channel letters mounted on raceways. Raceways provide a wireway or channel allowing the wiring of individual channel letters to be contained in a water resistant container and a surface for the lighted letters to be properly mounted and spaced. Some of the advantages of using a raceway are as follows:

  • Raceways provide for easier installation vs. flush mount channel letters. Most Raceways only require 3 to 5 building penetrations vs numerous building penetrations for flush mounted channel letters.
  • A properly built raceway allows for easy access to the electrical components when service on the sign is required.
  • Raceways can also provide a decorative feature that adds to the look and feel of the sign.

How do I determine what kinds of channel letters I need?

The best way to to determine what kind or style of channel letters that will work with your application will depend on various factors.

  1. City Code
  2. Shopping Center guidelines or Criteria
  3. Building Features
  4. Your specific Logo or design characteristics

The city you live in may only certain configurations of channel letter signs. Many municipalities will not allow exposed neon or open faced channel letters. There also may be size, height, and brightness restrictions. Your sign salesman should be knowledgeable and help you through the process with the your local building department.

The shopping center your potential business is located in, may also have various restrictions you need to be aware of. Shopping center criteria may not change with the city's sign code over time and this can create a lot of problems when submitting your sign permit application with your local building department. Property managers often do not have knowledge of those changes so you are going to need to rely on your sign company to resolve and find those issues before they become problems.

Why Choose Signdealz?

Signdealz brokers are trained to be experts in their local area's municipal sign code. We dont have permit technicians on staff. Why? Cost. Why should we pay someone else for something our brokers should already know. Then again, why should you pay for that? Dont!

A Signdealz broker is going to look at your individual needs and help guide you to the best on premise advertising solution based on your needs and your budget. We are not going to recommend a sign based off anything else but whats good for your business and your budget.


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