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How do I find out how much signage I can have in Denver?


If your a new or existing business, Real Estate Developer, or an Architect planning a sign project you will need to watch our video. Sign code in Denver can be complicated. This simple video will get you started on determining your zoning designation in the City of Denver and help you find your signage allowances. We included detailed directions on how to determine your zoning using the City of Denver's Real Property Search tool.

My Neighbor Felix Projecting Sign



We illustrate these steps in the code review process in the City of Denver.

  1.  Step 1 - Determine your zoning based off your business address
  2.  Step 2 - How to find your zoning on the web
  3.  Step 3 - How to find Denver Zoning Code article 10 on the internet LINK TO ARTICLE 10
  4.  Step 4 - How to locate your specific zoning in article 10 and find the signage allowances inside the code.
Denver Zoning Code

I hope you find this video and the links to the documentation helpful. If you have any questions regarding the permitting process in the City of Denver or any other Colorado municipality, feel free to give us a call. 303-746-0850 or fill out a Contact us form.

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