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According to government sources, storefront signs are very important for the overall appearance of the downtown area. However, the storefront sign you are about to choose will impact not only the downtown area but also your business. If you intend to run a successful store, you must get a storefront sign capable to attract customers.  

How to Choose the Right Storefront Sign for Your Business

Numerous sign industry organizations are ready to help you get the most appropriate sign for your store. To support your efforts, the following paragraphs give you a few guidelines.

  • Keep It Single, Keep It Simple: A single storefront sign is sufficient to attract customers. Too many signs may give customers the impression of disorganization. Additionally, the sign should be simple, with only one or two fonts and colors.
  • Brand your permanent sign: The role of these storefront signs is to provide succinct information about a business, such as its name and hours of operations. Through design, materials and typography you can make a sign distinctly your brand. Remember that placing too many details on a sign can make important information difficult to read. There is a variety of signs you can opt for, including permanent wall signs, neon and projecting signs, lettering painted on clear glass signs, etc.
  • Use temporary signs for promotional strategies only: These signs are appropriate for advertising special promotions and sales. Typically made of plastic or paper, they are allowed only if they cover less than 25% of the window and remain inside it for maximum 30 days.
  • Size: According to the legal provisions in Colorado, the allowable sign square footage is of 0.75 square foot for each linear foot of the exterior wall for single story buildings and 5% of the exterior wall for multiple story buildings.
  • Be wary of what makes an illegal Sign: Permanent or temporary signs mounted on a building or placed inside a window, without a sign permit, are illegal. A few exceptions are the emblems relating to hours of operation and credit card acceptance.
  • Use a certified sign maker to ensure your sign is to code: There are city and building regulations such as size, placement, permits etc. Rely on a certified sign maker such as SignDealz to help you navigate through all of the necessary steps such as permits, electrical considerations and codes. You can contact the Denver Development Center for more information about the types of signs you may install.

How to Improve Signs

Improving your signs to convey a positive image about your business is possible. This is what you should do:

  • If your store is in a building that has a sign band (an area especially designated for signage), you should install your sign in the band rather than in other spot.
  • If you intend to place the sign on a building awning, you should go for a cloth, unlighted style. This alternative allows you to devote a large portion of the awning to your message and provide your business a distinctive look. 
  • Remove or repair your sign if it’s broken. Broken signs aren’t only illegal but also inappropriate for a reputable business. 
With these things in mind, find a sign maker that can help you get the best sign for your store.

Find a Professional Sign Maker

According to Sims-Fayola International Academy Denver, finding a professional service capable to deliver the right storefront signs for various businesses is crucial. We, at Sign Dealz, are happy to consult with you and to pass on any useful information that can help you make the best choice regarding the most appropriate storefront sign for you. Also, you are welcome to use our Comments section below to leave your suggestions.

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