Furry Friends Pet Store Opens In Colorado Springs

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Channel Letters Colorado Springs

Furry Friends, the famous "pet food store that comes to your door," is excited about the opening of their second location in Colorado Springs. Located at 3586 Hartsel Drive in the Woodmen Commons Shopping Center, the new site provides high-quality pet foods and products, and will soon be opening a dog wash for your furry friend.


Furry Friends chose Signdealz for their illuminated channel letter sign, based on Signdealz reputation, customer service, fast response, high quality, and low cost. Signdealz specializes in consulting with small businesses, primarily retail-oriented small companies. 

Our goal throughout consultation is to determine the best sign package design that will increase visibility and get more customers through the door. We start by analyzing the location, looking for traffic flows as well as obstacles to clarity. We also look at how far the building may be set back from the primary road, and how large the sign needs to be to overcome that distance. Important factors we look at are color and letter stroke. A larger and broader letter will project it's light farther, allowing passersby to read and react to the sign. Reaction time is also a critical component to understanding the placement of the business sign. If the sign is too small or placed on the building in the wrong location, the potential customer may not be able to read the sign and react to it in time. If this is the case, they will most likely drive by hundreds of times a month, and not even respond to the sign. These factors will impact the effectiveness of your sign. Signdealz expert sign consultants are trained to locate the sign and recommend design characteristics that will be beneficial to the visibility of your business.

With our pool of the top sign designers in the country, Signdealz can cater to the particular sign design needs of any business. Signdealz also has the fastest turn around time from design to quote to installation of any sign company in the industry. With our national pricing, we can provide the most cost-effective option for your business. The Signdealz cost-effective model can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars over any local or regional sign company, guaranteed!


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So, for your sign deal for your business, contact Signdealz!

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