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When a disaster hits, our lives can often be turned upside down. Fire, flood, hazardous materials, and mold can shut down your business or displace you from your home. It's nice to know you can call someone for real help. ECOS Environmental and Recovery offers a full range of environmental, catastrophe, and residential services. No matter the time, location, or size of disaster, ECOS is ready to respond!

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After a flood or burst pipe, water removal needs to be immediate. Standing or saturated water in your home or business runs the risk of developing harmful mold spores, which thrive in organic materials like carpet, drywall, and wood. These spores can develop in as little as 24 hours! Ecos Environmental and Recovery offers a range of services, including water extraction, dry out, mold removal, and drywall repair.

Lakewood Channel Letters and Electric SignsFire

Fire damage doesn't end with the fire. Smoke damage, harmful residues, and damage to your building's structural integrity are all serious issues that need to be dealt with. Not to mention any water damage caused by the fire department or sprinkler systems. Luckily, Ecos Environmental and Recovery has over 7 years of experience with fire-related damage! They also specialize in document recovery. Ecos will professionally clean, inventory, and pack any damaged documents, helping to restore your way of life. They have extensive experience working with libraries, medical facilities, and businesses.


Ecos is equipped to contain any kind of spill or release. They offer services that include clean-up, disposal, and remediation. They also guarantee that remediated sites will meet or exceed all State and Federal clean-up guidelines!


Molds can be found in any environment that contains organic substances (such as wood, drywall, and carpet), as long as moisture and oxygen are present. It's important to be aware of these molds, as they can lead to serious health issues. Ecos Environmental and Recovery will send a certified mold remediation expert to inspect crawl spaces, basements, and any areas that may contain heavy moisture. They offer a spectrum of services, including sanitation, fumigation, and odor removal.


Asbestos can be a problem in many old buildings, and needs to be removed imediately. Ecos offers asbestos removal service for any size building, ranging from large industrial buildings to small houses. They not only remove asbestos, but also educate customers about the government regulations of asbestos, ensuring they're legally compliant.

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The word "Biohazard" sends chills up your spine (as it should). Simply put - there are some things that no one wants to do, but need to be done. Ecos Environmental and Recovery offers a wide range of biohazard containment services, including crime scene cleanup, bio-waste disposal, drug lab recovery, tear gas cleanup, and more.

Visit ECOS in North Boulder at 4525 N. Broadway St  Boulder, CO 80304, or contact them at 303.442.3267

Ecos needed a sign for their new location in north Boulder. provided them with a set of LED-illuminated channel letters, one of our best-selling products! Channel Letters were traditionally illuminated by neon or incandescent bulbs, both of which are known to burn out. LED Channel Letters have a longer life span, use less electricity, and require fewer service calls. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are also one of the brightest forms of illumination out on the market! All in all, they're a great product! specializes in LED Channel Letters, LED Displays, LED Interior Lighting, and more! We can handle every aspect of the job, from design and fabrication, to installation and service. Give us a call today, or fill out our convenient web form!

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