Check out these cool day/night channel letters

Day Night Dual Color channel lettersThis LAW OFFICE front lit channel letter set sign was my first project with Signdealz in 2013. The customer wanted something very basic and to the point as he was an Attorney and just leasing out one office for his practice out of this split tenant space. As you can see the faces are black, however these still illuminate. 

Day Night Channel Letters

The way this works is through perforated black vinyl laid over white faces. There a tiny holes in the black vinyl that will allow light to pass through and at night these channel letters will illuminate as if they were white. Below is a more detailed close up of what this vinyl looks like. This technique is great to use when may have two different colors you want for your sign during the day versus the evening, even for the few municipalities that are restrictive on color of illumination.


Perforated Black 3M 3630-222 Day Night Vinyl

I have encountered front lit channel letters similar to this with another customer called the Antique Mall that had a red brick facade so white faced channel letters would be the best option for greatest visibility. However, the municipality had the sign code for this shopping center (which was formerly a Hy-Vee grocery store split into two tenant spaces) was that all signage had to have red illumination. The municipality did not specifically call out a specific face color so we used white perforated vinyl applied to red acrylic faces. During the day passers by could clearly identify the Antique Mall as well as the evening and still be within city code.

   Do you have a special requirement for your logo or due to your city sign code? Signdealz can help overcome these obstacles. Contact us for more information or visit the Channel Letter Signs page.


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