Need to Be Seen From a Distance? Try Pylon Signs

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You likely know that using an LED sign to promote your business will get you the attention you need. But did you know that integrating an LED display into a pylon sign's design will really make you stand out? If your business needs to attract customers from a distance, and you want to stand out in a crowded field, you need to consider investing in a high quality pylon sign.  

Pylon Signs Offer Many Benefits for Businesses

A pylon sign provides:

Visibility from a distance

A pylon sign is an excellent option for businesses that need to increase their visibility from a distance. This type of sign is popular with businesses that want to be seen from the freeway or those that are located in an area crowded with competition. A pylon sign helps you stand out. 

Versatility in design

The sky really is the limit for a pylon sign's design. Our design experts will help you understand the local sign ordinances, how these ordinances impact your design, and what components are available for your new sign. We have the ability to include LED messaging, customized lighting, and state of the art building materials. 

Alignment with existing branding

Your new pylon sign should reflect your business' existing marketing plan and branding. We will ensure the sign aligns with your branding, attracts new customers, and helps retain current customers. 

Using an LED sign to promote your business is an excellent way to raise your visibility. Contact our team of experienced professionals at Signdealz today to learn more about the products we offer. 

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