Restaurant Signs Transform Strangers Into Customers in an Instant

Bill Hayes


Believe it or not, there is one singular purpose for a Restaurant sign. It’s not a cool look, or unique feature, but it’s getting new customers in your door so you can generate $$$. Understand that your sign is an advertising vehicle first. Once you make the connection to advertising the rest will be easy.


Restaurant Signs that Rock the Adversting World!

Here are some elements you should consider in purchasing and design of your new restaurant sign. Remember, Signdealz sign consultants are experts in signs and advertising and we can help you through the entire process of getting your new sign up on that building.


Size – In the sign business, bigger is always better. Not because it costs more, but because it will get you noticed and isn’t that what it’s all about. Spend the extra dollars to get the sign as big as what’s allowed. What you spend early on will pay back dividends over the life of the sign.

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Colors – If possible stay away from the blue spectrum of light as much as possible. Blue tends to blur out even at short distances. Reds, orange, yellow, and green make great colors and with a Lighted Sign, the brightness of the sign can be seen from great distances.


Shapes – Anything that can separate your sign from your competitor’s bland simple design is what you should strive for in a great design. Use of unique shapes will allow your sign to stand out from your neighbors. However, with unique shapes, the cost of the sign will go up, but so will it’s advertising effectiveness.


Signdealz sign consultants are experts in every arena of the electric and electronic sign business. Our consultants focus first on developing a sign that will fanatically drive customers to your door. It’s our mission to get you noticed with an amazing and affordable electric sign.


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