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AG Edwards used a reverse pan channel letters with LED illumination for their sign in Boulder Colorado. Signdealz installed this sign in 2008.This design has many unique advantages over traditional channel letter applications.

Reverse Pan Channel Letters make Great Business Signs

  • The illumination is from the rear of the letter giving it a "Halo" look at night. This is a very sophisticated look vs. traditional channel letter applications.
  • During the day the letters solid color and seamless design gives a more traditional look.
  • LED illumination allow for the stroke or thickness of the letter to be very thin vs. traditional channel letters.

Some of the things to keep in mind with reverse channel letters is they tend to cost significantly more than standard front lit channel letter designs. This is due to the complexity of fabrication used to produce the letter. The letters face and returns (sides of the letter) are all metal. The components providing illumination of the letter are inside the walls and center of the letter. When using reverse lit channel letters remember to make sure the back side of the letter is enclosed with lexan or acrylic backing. This keeps the elements as well as birds from nesting inside the letter.


Another advantage of LED channel letters iis they only require one penetration through the wall for each individual letter. The penetration is only about 1/8", vs. two 3/4" holes required for the old neon technology. This is also a significant advantage for property managers, due to the fact that taking down this type of installation is less intrusive than neon. Patching a small hole vs. two large holes does less damage to the building and looks a lot nicer after the removal of the sign is complete.

This sign was installed in Boulder Colorado at the corner of Canyon and Folsom Ave. 

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