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Posted by Bill Hayes on Feb 8, 2013 4:09:00 AM
Bill Hayes

Pharmica Channel LetterThey're the most common thing that all businesses and organizations have in common, yet one of the least noticed by the majority of owners and administrators. Signs. When you see your own everyday, they tend to blend into everything else. But there is one person for whom that is definitely not the case; your customer.

Retail signs matter to people not just because they convey essential information, but because they also transmit another messages that affects how people feel about your store environment. And that feeling has a lot to say about whether or not they'll be back. Taking a fresh look at the signs in your establishment may be one of the best marketing tools at your disposal.

Details Matter
The simple truth is that there is an aesthetic quality to nearly everything in any building, and the signs you place in various locations are no exception. Nearly every person who enters your space will look at several of your signs before they leave. And while they're doing so to gain information, the ease with which it's communicated, and the feeling they get from the actual elements of the sign, will leave a lasting impression. With a little effort, it'll be a good one.

Taking a walk through your own space with a first-time visitors perspective in-mind can be an eye opening experience in terms of assessing the impact of your signage. Some key elements to pay attention to include:

  • Readability – it's the most basic element of a sign, yet one that is often overlooked. While the letters need to be large enough to be seen from a reasonable distance, design experts also suggest adding an inch in height for each additional 10 ft. of desired viewing distance.

  • Font – this is not the place for old English script. Look for clarity with a hint of modernity. The clarity addresses why someone looks at retail signs in the first place, while the style leaves a subtle impression of being glad you looked.

  • Color – the rule here is that contrast helps the reader. White text on a yellow background is difficult to read. And while white on black is easy, you can avoid being boring with the subtle change to ivory on dark gray. Same contrast – much different feeling.

  • Condition – hand written retail signs that are soiled, or have frayed edges, send a message all their own. Defining tacky may be difficult, but everyone knows it when they see it. Don't let anyone see it.

In other words, put the same energy into your signs that you would a piece of art you're hanging on a wall. Remember that nearly every person entering your space will look at several of your signs. Take that experience seriously and invest the energy to have it work for you rather that subtly against.

While the design elements of your signs matter more that you may have realized, so does where your signs are. Making the effort to ensure that they're positioned in such a way as to make them both easy to find and see sends its own message to your patrons.

Avoid clutter near a sign at all costs. Conveniently positioned signs that stand alone are much more easily noticed and read, and they deliver a feeling of attentive competence. That's a good feeling to instill in the people walking around your store.

The bottom line is that signs matter for more reasons than the information they present, and expending some careful thought into their look and position pays off in unforeseen ways. can help you navigate how to best develop the branding you need for your business. Contact us to learn more. 


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