When to choose a Blade Sign for Your Business


A blade sign is an excellent choice for attracting prospective customers to your business. This type of sign hangs perpendicular to your storefront and is attached with a metal bracket. You can choose between illuminated and non-illuminated options based on your business' needs.

When designing blade signs for your business we want to make sure every choice will meet your specific needs. Don't automatically assume an illuminated blade sign is always better. There are a variety of reasons you may want to avoid investing in an illuminated blade sign, including:

Proximity to a residential area

Illuminated blade signs may disturb nearby residents. Before you install a blade sign take into consideration your location, and whether the sign may negatively impact your residential neighbors at night.

Daylight business hours

If your business hours are primarily during daylight hours you may not need to invest in an illuminated sign. A non-illuminated blade sign will do an excellent job of attracting customers during daylight hours.

Lit signage is unnecessary

Take a look at the lights around your business. If there are plenty of overhead or street lights near your storefront you may not need an illuminated sign. Consider the surrounding lights before purchasing your new sign. 

Our team of professionals at Signdealz are experts at designing blade signs for your business. Contact us today to learn more about the available options for a custom blade sign. 

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Jessica Molinaro

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