A Blast To The Past - A Brief History Of Signs from Signdealz

Posted by Caley Cason on Aug 29, 2011 5:15:00 AM

Historical Sign design

The need for signs has been around as long as commerce. For hundreds of years, people have used signs to convey their message about everything from religion and law to products and services. Until recently, when you wanted a sign, you would commission a sign artist to hand-paint or carve your custom sign. Considered to be somewhat of a "dying art" (sadly), custom hand-painted signs are rarely seen today. You have a better chance of seeing a hand-painted sign in an art gallery than you do on the street.

Building Signs Have Come a Long Way - A Look Back

Modern technology paved the way for cheaper, more efficient production methods. The artistic value of signs was somewhat diminished, but the cost was cut in half. Few sign shops still offer hand-painted signs as a service, but if you're dead-set on it, you can find one. Be prepared to spend some big bucks though!

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Hand-painted and carved signs had their day. Signs started to incorporate light bulbs and spot lights. Eventually, the Neon tube was invented, and it wasn't long before the technology made it's way into signs. Neon Signs seemed to pop-up everywhere overnight.


Neon signs stuck around for a long time... and are still holding on, despite the advancement in LED technology and Digital Displays. Today we still use Neon in Open-Faced Channel Letters, Halo Letters, Interior Lighting, and other applications. LED Displays are taking the lead, though. It won't be long before Neon is lost to history...

Sign-Graveyard-Neon Signs-Antique

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