Light Conditions can Affect Sign Design for Your Architecture Business

Posted by Bill Hayes on Apr 27, 2014 9:18:00 AM
Bill Hayes

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Lighting Conditions in Your Area Affect Sign Visibility

Running an architecture or design business isn't simple. You have to carefully craft your client's vision with your design aesthetic, and ensure every project represents the goals of your business. Choosing signage for your business is also full of decisions. One of the most important parts of choosing an outdoor sign for your business is ensuring changing light conditions doesn't ruin the impact of your sign.

Before you install an outdoor sign, you need to plan for changing light conditions, including:

Ambient lighting 

What are light sources near your sign? Street lights? Other signs? The setting sun? You will want to take into consideration the type of illumination near the sign. The location of the sign and its placement on the building can affect how the sign looks when illuminated. Combined, all of these factors will change the style and type of lighting, and it's the proper application to get the lighting effects your looking to achieve.

Fade-resistant materials

Which materials are best for your sign? Investigate the amount of direct sunlight your sign will receive and adjust your contents accordingly to avoid fading. 

Shiny surfaces

Do you want to include shiny surface materials? How will the sun and other lighting reflect off of these materials? In the sign world, we do our best to stay away from glossy materials. The sheen from glossy materials can make a sign hard to read and cause a reflection that makes the sign less effective.

As we are creating outdoor signage for architects and designers, we pay careful attention to:

Existing branding and Logo Issues

Most businesses' choose a design based on their existing branding, sign materials, and how the sign will fit into your strategic marketing plan. We want customers to see the sign and instantly recognize your business. There is one crucial concept when it comes to logos you will want to remember. Many logos, when developed by the designer, are not created for signage, but print applications. Poor logo design can be a severe issue when you try to convert a logo for signage. When you want to develop a logo, you may want to ensure your logo contains block style lettering that is easy to read from a distance. Primary colors are a good choice, in combination with large lettering.

Local regulations

Outdoor sign design is often at the mercy of local sign ordinances. Before a sign professional construct any outdoor sign, they carefully review the local rules to make sure your sign complies with these codes. I would recommend making sure your sign salesperson does the code review. You could find yourself paying for a sign and later get cited by the city for the sign not meeting local municipal codes.  

Durable materials

An outdoor sign often faces the worst weather. Your outdoor sign materials should hold up to the weather and last for years. We'll help you choose materials that you can trust will last. Mathews Paint System, 3M Products, and the use of aluminum with acid-based primers are critical components in fabricating a sign that will last for decades.

To learn more about the best signage for architects and designers, contact our team at Signdealz. We can help you create the perfect sign to meet all of your business' needs. 

 Bill Hayes CEO Signdealz

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