Psychological Reactions to the Types of Fonts You Can Use in a Sign

Posted by Jessica Molinaro on Feb 24, 2014 1:16:00 PM
alternative-font-choices-for-signsIt may seem like a minor point, but the font you choose for your signs can have a significant impact on how your clients view your company. At Signdealz, we offer a huge selection of sign options and fonts to use for all your business's sign needs.  Here are a few of the common fonts used, and why:


Choice of Font Matters When Designing


That little line that you see attached at the bottom of every letter and at other points is called a serif. This type of font has been used by newspapers for a century or more – especially the New York Times – and thus has become associated with reliability and authority.

Slab Serif

This font style resembles Serif fonts, but with less varied line weight.  The result is a trendy, sturdy font that conveys strength and style.


Script font styles resemble calligraphy and natural handwriting.  It's a good indicator of a creative business.  Use it carefully on your signs, however, as some script fonts are difficult to read or risk coming across as less professional.

Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts lack the decorative elements of the other font styles, and display a clean aesthetic.  These fonts are easily legible and good for conveying a friendly, accessible, and modern message.


Modern font styles also have no serifs, but are far less traditional than sans serif fonts.  They play with quirky proportions, shapes, and line weights for fonts that are sharp and stylish. These are good for any business that is on the cutting edge of their industry.

Your business signage is often the first impression your customers have of your company, and fonts can play a huge role in branding.  Make certain you choose a font that accurately reflects your business values and goals while also being easily read.  This is especially important for any business in the design industry, as your font choice can also reflect your design aesthetic.

For more sign design tips, or to see what services our Denver sign company offers, please contact us at Signdealz.


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