What LED Sign is right for your business?

Posted by Caley Cason on Oct 3, 2011 5:00:00 AM

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Making the decision to purchase a Full-Color LED Display from Signdealz may be the best thing you've ever done in the way of advertising - the ability to display crisp, custom video and eye-catching animations is a HUGE advantage in the advertising world! Put yourself in the shoes of your customer: You're driving home after work, tired and hungry. All you want is a delicious burger... fast and easy.

 You drive past the all-too-familiar yellow "M"... You're looking for a REAL hamburger! As you come around a corner, your eye is drawn to a bright screen piercing the darkness... displaying vivid video of a fat, juicy burger, screaming your name... SOLD!

LED Restautant Signs 

This is just one example of how the visual appeal of an image or video can sway customers in your favor. Full-Color LED Signs from Signdealz.com allow a business owner to display crisp, life-like video and awesome animations - and change it daily - all from the comfort of a console in the storefront! Not only are these LED Displays convenient, they're also built to last... nearly 11 years! All of this adds up to one thing: Color LED Signs from Signdealz.com are an incredible product!

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The first thing to consider when deciding what color led sign is best for your business is RESOLUTION. This is how crisp the image or video can be displayed - if your sign is going to be viewed from a far to medium-distance, a lower resolution can be used. If your sign is going to viewed from a close-proximity, a higher resolution should be considered. Here is an overview of the resolution options and how they perform:

10 things to know before you buy an LED sign

This is an important tip to remember:if your resolution doesn't fit your location, you're throwing money away. The purpose of an LED Sign is to make your message as bright, clear, and visible as possible! If you fail to do that, what is the point?

Choosing the right LED Sign for your business takes a lot more knowledge than a basic-understanding of LED resolution. There are several factors that go into choosing the right sign. Through a survey of your location, Signdealz.com can help you determine what LED Display will suit you best.

Signdealz.com are the experts in the LED Sign industry. We work with companies like Watchfire that have a long-standing name for quality. These companies build some of the best LED Displays in the world, and have unmatched technical support. Through our relationships with these companies, Signdealz.com can get the best deals on Full-Color LED Displays, Monochrome LED Displays, LED Message Centers, LED Scoreboards and Billboards, and all other forms of Illuminated Signs!

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