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What type of Channel Letters are right for your business?

WRITTEN BY Caley Cason ON October 10, 2011. POSTED IN Channel Letters - Front Lit, Restaurant Signs

channel letters, sign letters, LED lettersChannel Letters from are a popular form of illuminated signage. They're cost-effective, durable, and can be installed somewhat easily. They give you a duel day/night pressence, and convey to the customer that you're a well-established business. So what is the first thing you should consider when choosing a type of Channel Letter?

The Options

Channel Letters come in 3 basic forms: Front Lit, Back Lit, and Open Face. Front Lit Channel Letters are the typical form of Channel Letter. They have solid, plex faces and are illuminated from within.

The second form of Channel Letters, Back Lit, are also called "Halo-Lit" Channel Letters. These are basically Front Lit Channel Letters, without faces and reversed, so that the internal illumination shines onto the wall behind. This leaves a glow around the letters, or "Halo" effect.

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Sign Cost Considerations

The third form, Open Face Channel Letters, are one of the few forms of channel letters that still use Neon Tubing as a form of illumination. They lack plex faces, so that the Neon is exposed. The final effect is beautiful and eye-catching, but this form of Channel Letter requires more service than others.

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Channel Letters are a great way to advertise your business in the modern marketplace. If you're considering an investment in Channel Letters and would like a quote, give a call today! We're the sign experts! Call  303-447-1101

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