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Denver Routed and Dimensional Signs

Different customers have different needs. Some of our customers seem to have an unlimited budget, and some customer squeeze every penny. Signdealz understands the challenges every business faces during these uncertain times, and because of this we offer numerous ways to produce your sig.

Global Collision, one of Denver's leading providers of collision repair service, chose Signdealz as it's vendor to produce their new store front sign at 4790 Independence drive, in Wheat Ridge. Global Collision has 9 locations in the Denver Metro area and provides collision services on nearly all makes and models of cars and trucks. 

Dimensional Letters are a Cost Effecive Outdoor Sign

Even though Global Collision has nine location and does an immense business as one of the leaders in the collision industry in Colorado, they still want solutions that are cost effective and still get the job done. Dimensional letters are the type of sign that look great and don't break the bank. Usually Signdealz dimensional letters are manufactured from acrylic or aluminum, but can be made from bronze, steel, foam, or PVC (plastic).

Why are they called Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters have thickness, or as we in the sign industry say, "dimension". Dimensional letters usually come in 3/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thickness, but can be as thick as 3". A good dimensional letters provides enough space for a nice drop shadow to accent the letter.

How are Dimensional Letters Mounted?

Dimensional letters can be mounted a variety of ways. When Signdealz was performing the installation of the Global collision sign, we were presented with a wall that had an uneven surface. To be able to mount the designed sign, we had to fabricated a set of bars that held the letters to to the wall. This allowed us to present the entire set on an even plane. We then bolted each letter to the mounting bar, and then mounted the bar using toggles to the wall. However, dimensional letters can be mounted using:

  • Pin Mount Method - tapping each letter with hole and mounting pins into the back of the letter. This method is great for larger letters that have significant weight and/or the wall surfaces is uneven or curved.
  • Double Stick Tape Method - Placing double stick tap on the back of each letter. This method is good when mounting to smooth surfaces and using light letters.

To find out more about individual or dimensional letters follow our link below. We have a lot of great ideas for you.

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