Designing a Great Channel Letter Sign Starts with Knowing your Audience

Bill Hayes
Your sign’s design should be a reflection of what your customers can expect when they walk in the door. I’m thinking, for example, of the nations leading toy store chains “Toys-R-Us” versus, say, the national high end retail technology  chains “Sharper Image,” or an “Apple” store. The font and colors and design of each of those great business sign brands is a reflection of what to expect when you walk in the door.


A Great Sign Begins with Great Design

The lighted sign design for “Toys-R-Us” might be a bad idea for a “Sharper Image” store. The color and font are perfect for a children’s toy store but might seem a bit undignified, and might seriously lower customer expectations for a high end electronic store. Your fav0rite color may be chartreuse or flame orange, but if you’re a 5 star restaurant or a high end clothing store, those colors may not work. The design of a business sign is as important as the name of the business itself, and this is where a Signdealz sign design specialist can come in handy. Your sign should reflect what’s inside the doors. 


No matter what your specific sign needs are, Signdealz can create an amazing design, quickly. Signdealz focuses only on electric and architectural signs like channel letters, monument signage, pylon signs, and LED Signs from Watchfire Signs. We have a network of amazing designers and fabrication specialists that will work with you to come up with the right advertising solution to fit your specific needs and budget.

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Bill Hayes
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Bill Hayes

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