OUtdoor LeD Signs for Surgery and Medical

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Outdoor LED Signs for Medical and Surgery Centers

Medical and Surgery centers are looking to bring in new customers to maximize profits and effiencency. Outdooor LED signs are a new advertising medium to help inform potential customers. Signdealz worked with Arkansas Valley Surgery Center to help develop a simple sign solution in order to communicate with the community on it's services.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the practice of medicine has changed significantly. Providing opportunity to various medical providers who offer services to lower income and economically challenged individuals and families. Often in rural communities, there isn't a good way to get the work out to those important customer segments. Many of these individuals and families may not have access to the internet or have family members who speak english as a second language. How do you reach those clients in todays crowded advertising spaces?

Signdealz was approached by Arkansas Valley Surgery Center to help develop a digital sign solution that would help them reach out to the community. Signs in general, have two main purposes. The first purpose is direction. The sign allows those looking for the business to find the location, and for those passing by to see where the business is located. The second, and most important purpose of the a sign is to advertise. There is not difference between your web page and your sign on the street. Both of these advertising mediums should be designed to optimize and convert commuters to customers. Signdealz is an expert at the development of both cost effective and complex on premise advertising solutions to deliver customer in your door.


Hospital groups and surgery centers are now competing to get customers in the door in order to maximize the operating effieciency of their staff and organization. You might have noticed a new comunity based medical facility in your neighborhood. They are exploding, as medical corporations compete for your business, and they work to get closer to potential consumers.

Outdoord LED Signs, with their ability to deliver dynamic content, give medical facilities the ability to communicate with potential consurmers faster and more effectively than every before. From content creation to content delivery, Signdealz will work with your office personell or your marketing department, to deliver an effective messaging campaign that will convert commuters into customers!


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