Signdealz Installs New LED Sign for Fort Lupton

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Signdeaz beat out 7 other sign companies to have the privledge of updating the old Optec display the Fort Lupton Rec Center used. The previous display, manufactured by Optec displays, was barely visible in the daylight, and had lost approximately 80% of it's daytime brightness in just a few years.

Qaulity and Reliability

Signdealz installed a new Watchfire 19MM full color LED Display with wireless communication. One of the major requirements from the City of Fort Lupton for the replacement of the old display, required a LED Sign with a proven record of quality and reliability. Signdealz has performed over 35 installations of LED Displays throughout Colorado. The new Watchfire LED display's capabilities are remarkable compared with the old Optec red display.  Watchfire LED signs are manufactured in the USA in Danville IL. 

Why is having a sign manufactured in the USA Important

Would you buy a car without knowing how easily it would be to get that car serviced? Probably not. However, many businesses and goverment agencies purchase LED Displays without knowing how the unit is going to get serviced and how easy it is to get replacement parts. 

If your purchasing an LED Display from a Chinese manufacture or reseller you may expect delays in getting parts from 7 to 10 weeks. You may also not be able to get parts after only a few years, which could be catastrophic after a business makes a purchase of tens of thousands of dollars.

Watchfire LED Signs are made in Danville IL by an amazing American workforce. If your sign fails in the first 5 years, your replacement part will be shipped to Signdealz in 3 working days. That means your sign in most cases will only be down or partially down for less than a week. Compare that to most competitors weeks to often months.

Signdealz will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution that will drive customers through your door. From sign and message management to revenue generation using your sign, we are here to help.


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